One minute of forgiveness

Take one minute and see how many people come to mind and forgive them.




Grow in forgiveness 

You still have two days to get your one minute meditation in for the week “Live In The Moment” 3 x daily for 1 minute.



Thank you for your time. I love empowering to choose greatness, let’s connect and see if it’s a fit, feel free to submit the form below and we will connect ASAP. It’s fun to be help people clear their limiting beliefs and start thriving in life. We dig down to the root to change your abundant fruit. The power of two is amazing: if two people agree about something, their witness is accepted as fact. Get excited about your ability and right to choose.
Joyfully expect God’s very best,
Marlena Burton

Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner

618 223 6006


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