24 hour abundance challenge

24 hour abundance challenge:
What would you like to change for the better in the next 24 hours?

24 hour abundance challenge video

On an index card write down your area of abundance that you desire: (health, wealth, relationships etc)

Read your desire 3 times a day (WITH BELIEF)

Give thanks that it’s done now, Be joyful, let go of how the evidence will come to you

Zero complaining, joyfully watch for evidence that you were heard and answered.

Every time throughout the day that  you see/hear/think of  water-give thanks for abundance  “Thank you God for abundance!”

Area of focus:

Consciously think, feel and speak only abundance for 24 hours.  Have fun.

September 2018 one minute meditation

Have some fun and enjoy your day!

Joyfully expect God’s very best,

Marlena Burton

618 223 6006


P.S.  There is power in two in agreement, message me so I can agree with you and you can keep me posted on your progress.  Life is simple and so much fun!  Thank you, I love you!




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