I appreciate wealth today

It’s Walkfirmation Wednesday:

I appreciate wealth today

When was the last time you said WOW?

Have some fun re-programming your mind as you do your walkfirmation today-I appreciate wealth today, everything is now.  How would you feel if, what would you give, where would you be living your wealthy life now?  Wealth is so much more than money, that’s just a part of wealth.

Get excited, wealth is within you and all around you.  Start seeing wealth as a gift from God, you are either accepting the gift freely or rejecting it, it’s completely your choice.

Rate your level of belief regarding you being worthy of wealth?  Faithfully do the Walkfirmations for one week, then check in again and see what you are noticing, write it where it will be easily accessible by this time next week, then rate it again.  Life is truly simple as is success.


Have some fun and enjoy your day!

Joyfully expect God’s very best,

Marlena Burton

618 223 6006


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