Watch your word Wednesday-business results

Today’s Gratitude Declaration:
I am so blessed and grateful for God’s miracle working power in my businesses

What kind of business or life results are you getting?

It’s watch your words Wednesday-change your words and start changing your business for the better.

From this:                                                                      To this:

The economy is down                                                 We are creating our own economy

Gas is so expensive                                                      We are free to choose where to get gas

Our customers never make referrals                      Our customers give us regular referrals

Have some fun and start noticing what you are saying, if you would rather not have it, why say it.  Your tongue holds the power of death and life, you get to choose.  Say it, see it!  Remember words are not just spoken, but those unspoken words that you are often what shows up as your results, even though you have “spoken” the opposite.  Your thoughts show up as things, so have some fun and watch your word (spoken/unspoken) and how are you feeling about what you are thinking?

Joyfully expect God’s very best,

Marlena Burton


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