More than enough Monday

Today’s Gratitude Declaration:
I am so blessed and grateful money works for me

What’s your focus today on not enough or more than enough?

In order to receive more than enough of your desire, you have to be there now, instead of waiting until your desire shows up in the physical realm.  Know it’s already done, when you want to plant flowers, you get a picture of the finished product on the package, that means it’s already done somewhere in the Universe and will come about for you, however, you must go through the process of sowing the seeds and waiting patiently for the harvest.  You don’t have to dig up the seeds daily wondering if they are going to produce a harvest, you plant the seeds expecting that as you water the seeds, sunshine, nourishment from the soil etc, your harvest will be produced.

Are you working too hard trying to make your seeds produce a harvest?  Last year we had moss roses from the previous year  that got lots of attention from our neighbors, you know what we did, we simply said, wouldn’t it be awesome if those moss roses over took the planter they are in.  Yep, occasionally my husband watered them, and pulled some weeds.

Can you get a picture of more than enough of your desire, sow seeds today with patience, expecting more than enough in return?  Have some fun.

April 2018 one minute meditation



Really need



Joyfully expect God’s very best,

Marlena Burton

618 223 6006


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