Power T.A.L.K.-Day 21

Day 21

Take a moment to look at what you are giving to others, is it about you or them?

Today’s Gratitude Declaration:

I Am so blessed and grateful to give to others without an agenda

To make good use of my time, I am combining the Full Time Freedom information and Power T.A.L.K. here on one site.  Use whichever information is relevant to you.

Gratitude Powered Success

Asking the question “Holy Spirit, who can we help today?” has been helpful for me.  Focus on names of people or occupations that start with the letter “U”

Just a few names or occupations that begin with “U”


Uber driver





You are going to be surprised at how the “U’s” start showing up.  Have some fun, bless others and get paid to be you.   Make sure you have a good system for following up.  Ask yourself, how often is appropriate for follow-up.  I have a publisher, actually a very well known publisher, they keep in contact with me a little more often than I would like, so use your own discretion that fits your personality.  Follow your heart as to how often and who you should contact.  I contact people very often to find out they have a need that I wouldn’t have ever known about, had I not reached out to them.

January 2018 One minute meditation


Power T.A.L.K. instructions

God’s Abundance to you,

Marlena Burton

618 223 6006

skype:  marlena.burton


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