Power T.A.L.K.-Day 2

Day 2-

Today’s Gratitude Declaration:

I am so blessed and grateful for good health

To make good use of my time, I am combining the Full Time Freedom information and Power T.A.L.K. here on one site.  Use whichever information is relevant to you.

Are you committed to keeping things simple?

For those in the Full Time Freedom group or if you are growing a conventional business:

Focus on who you know that starts with the letter “B” or an occupation that begins with “B”  Using Gratitude Powered Success, you want to think of something you are grateful for about these people, whether they are existing customers, wanna be clients, current team members etc.  Let your heart be filled with gratitude for their good points that you know about them.

As you are inspired, contact them and invite them and see if they are open to having time and money freedom.  First make a friend, consider at least for the first 36 days of the year, inviting 5 people a day, then you can consider at least one a day for the duration.  Remember to get out of your own way.  Set an intention to help 2 people in your first 48 hours.

You are going to be surprised at how the “B’s” start showing up.  Have some fun, bless others and get paid to be you.   Keep track of these people as in 2-3 months you may just touch base with them again if now isn’t the right time for them.  See if it’s okay for you to put them in your personal autoresponder.  You get the idea.  This is vitally important-do not attempt to “become the product or company spokesperson” Be You!  Your identity is key.

Financial Expansion-Commit to paying yourself at least $1 a day, daily invite at least one other person to do the same.  Only use your $ where your money will be multiplied back to you.  Today or in 15 days, get back to the person that invited you to find out where they are getting their money multiplied back to them.  Minimally give away $10 on the 10th, 20th, 30th of the month during some random act of kindness.  It’s not about the money, it’s about creating habits, but you might as well get paid in the process.

Let’s set up your notebook:

Obtain a notebook and write on the inside or outside as a reminder:

Write your # 1 goal, just as a reminder, make sure you are open to something better.

Why you have that as a goal.

How does it feel when it’s already achieved?

Who will be with you as you start moving towards your goal, who will be celebrating with you.

What can you celebrate today?


Click here for January 2018 video.

Thank you to all of the people that are participating in the POWER T.A.L.K. (Thoughts of Abundant Loving Kindness) beta group.  I am loving the messages.

Choose one day a week that you will send in your results.  I cannot promise to respond to each e-mail, however, in the beginning will do my best.  It’s been fun so far

Remember Every 7 days send your results to Marlena at:  ichooseabundancenow@hotmail.com
Begin today
Whenever possible, “look up” slightly with eyes closed

Click here for the instructions

God’s Abundance to you,

Marlena Burton

618 223 6006



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