Money Makeover-Mindset of More than enough money

A money makeover begins in your mind.  You must start having a mindset of more than enough money.  Take some time and look at nature, there’s no end to what you can see, and more than enough is everywhere.  Until now, your past income has been the ceiling, if you will, now we must take the limits off your mind and start allowing money to come to you from every direction.

One of my mentors did a Cd that helps open your  mind.  “What would you do if your annual income, suddenly became your monthly income?”

What did you mind tell you?  Yeah right.That’s that old programming trying to get you to stay in lack thinking.  Go ahead, give it some thought  “What would you do if your annual income, suddenly became your monthly income?”  You must start listening to that voice of love from within, that voice that knows zero limits.

Your heart is the soil and your mind must be renewed.

So we have laid the foundation, torn down the walls, opened the windows and removed the limits off your mind.  This is just the beginning.  You must start forming new habitual thoughts and feelings to change your money.  It’s simple, yet if you don’t use a system to keep on track, you will get sidetracked and start doing the same thing you have been doing and keep getting the same results.

I’ve been blessed with some great mentors and your habitual thoughts and feelings truly determine your success more than your actions.  When you take inspired actions you are so much more effective than just taking any action.

Only one more post, then we are finished with the 30 day money makeover.  Money is an idea in your mind, a tool, a method of exchange of energy.  You must have a mindset of increase, the seed is in itself, it’s natures law, everything was intended for increase, 10 is the number of increase, you need the 1 which is the male energy and the 0 which is the female energy to come together and then things start to multiply.  Successful people have used that principle for thousands of years to improve their financial status.

Give cheerfully and trust God for the increase, you will be absolutely amazed.  Give yourself at least 90 days to a year to really start changing your mind.  If you have debt, you have been eating your seed, maybe being impatient, or just not having the knowledge.  Debt is a habit, success is a habit, wealth is a habit.  We all have equal access to change our situation.  Take your focus off of debt and start renewing your mind to more than enough, and more than enough has no choice but to come your way.  It’s simple, it’s fun and it works!

Recipe 4 Financial Expansion-Start Now

Thank you for your time.

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Expect God’s best,

Marlena Burton


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