The Power of Associations


I am doing a 30 day Mastery challenge, so will share a line or two from the challenge each day for 30 days.

Day 5-The Power of Associations

The people that are in your environment are very important.  The combined average of the top five people that you hang around, have a huge influence in your life.

I was invited to a business two times recently and said no, when I saw what this leader was doing, I started paying attention.  I paused the video when I was cooking, and thought, wow, I have the opportunity to be in that energy of love.  When I came back, Eric confirmed my thought, being in that “culture and environment” is life changing.

Here’s your One Minute Meditation for July.

Thank you so much.

God’s Abundance to you,

Marlena Burton

Certified Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner

618 223 6006

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