6 month PLAN

Listen in to the recording of change your mind, change your lifestyle recording.

6 month PLAN




Now Faith

What’s your 6 month PLAN?

Submit your PLAN to God and say-This or something better.

“People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine.”  – Brian Tracy

Live each Saturday at 11 am ET, 10 am CT

  • (712) 775-7031
  • Access Code:358488#
  • Playback Number: (712) 775-7029
  • Access Code: 358488#
  • Reference No:  27

Much success to you, get back to the person that shared with you.  Our call is generic, we do not mention any companies, products etc.  A safe place to connect and learn how to keep networking simple and succeed.

$500 invite, what if you paid yourself $500 for each invite you did daily, how does that feel, how many people would you invite, how much fun would that be.  Abundance is all around us, breathe it in and keep it super simple.  Focus on helping people and money will follow.

God’s Abundance to you,

Marlena Burton


618 223 6006




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