Receiving miracles


Which area of your life do you need to experience a miracle?

Miracles occur when you realize that Divine Love can provide the answer far better than you could ever do yourself.  Miracles occur when you shift your perception from you having to rely on yourself and realize that Divine Love already has a plan mapped out before you ever showed up on the scene.

Believing is truly receiving, so simply believe that it’s your time to receive miracles and miracles will start showing up for you.

It’s so much more fun to “let go,” try it and see what happens.

Challenge yourself to just detach from the outcome, it’s possible for it to work out much better than you anticipated.   Let go and see how light you feel and how much more fun life is.  

Challenge yourself for 7 days.  

  1.  Decide where in your life you need a miracle.
  2. Decide to detach from the outcome.  Let go and allow the miracle to be born in that area of your life.  Stay awake for the inspired action you need to take if any.
  3. Zero complaining as you wait with joy!

God’s Abundance to you,

Marlena Burton

Certified Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner

618 223 6006

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