NEW (Never Ever Witnessed) Money

NEW (Never Ever Witnessed) Money

Are you ready for some NEW Money?

Have you ever considered who taught you about money?

Have you ever wondered why money comes easily to some people, and seems hard for others?

When you start renewing your mind to the truth about money, NEW Money will start being attracted to you.  What you have been taught about money, may not be the truth about money at all.  Money is much like a piece of paper sitting on a table, it has no value without you, it has no thoughts about you, it is lifeless without you.

Start listening to your internal dialogue about money and see what’s a habitual thought, that you might be unaware of.  Change begins with awareness.  Simply choose something more positive, over and over and over again and you will see some great things being attracted to you.

Choose a goal-focus more on the goal than what you see physically.  If you can operate more by what you don’t see, than what you do see, you will start changing your life forever!  You must know beyond knowing that it’s going to show up.

Is $500 a month a believable goal for you?  Set it as a goal, start thinking you can, start saying you can, start feeling like you can, act like you can and when the time is right $500 worth of NEW Money will be yours.  Money is relative, some people think $500 a month extra income is a lot, do you think a millionaire would think the same thing?  It’s been proven, our thinking is the only thing that truly separates the rich from the poor.  We all have equal access to NEW Money when we change our thinking.

Get started today in a network marketing company, it’s a place where you can truly be rewarded for being you, simply by using a product, recommending it to others and help them get started by doing the same.  Your money is multiplied in networking by using the principle of leverage.  Every wealthy person uses leverage.  Look at what Jesus did with 12 men, word of mouth and using the power of leverage.  Let’s keep pulling others up out of that stinking thinking.  Pretty life changing!

The roots (+ or -) create the fruit!

God’s Abundance to you,

Marlena Burton


618 223 6006 




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