I am allowing cash

Have you been taught that you have to struggle for money and give up the best part of your day?  I have found out that with God’s help I can remove those limiting thoughts that we pick up from other people’s beliefs and when I remove that doubt and unbelief, money seems to come almost effortlessly and I have a heart to help others receive the same.

I encourage my clients to put back $1 a day in a glass jar, with enthusiasm, and on the 10th, 20th, and 30th of the month, give that $10 away.  Intentionally go through your favorite drive thru and just ask them to pay for the next car’s meal.  I love the people at our Arby’s drive thru, they are so friendly.  Give to a nursing home’s activities or for someone to get a hair cut.  Ask for guidance and you will know where to give.

Once you understand that money is neutral, much like a piece of paper, it has no value until we put it to work for us, then it changes our thoughts about money and money comes more easily. So just for fun do this meditation today and start noticing how cash is being attracted to you.  It could just be a penny, but everything starts small.   Give thanks for it, when you give thanks, it opens the way for more.

Take one minute and perform this meditation with the thought “I am allowing, I am allowing now, I am allowing cash to find me now!”  

Take one more minute and give thanks that divine relationships are coming or your other relationships are being renewed.


God’s abundance to you,

Marlena Burton

Certified Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner

618 223 6006


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