I appreciate money daily


Enjoy this months One minute mirror meds.

Appreciate how wonderful every cell of your being functions, and how amazing you are.  You never have to consciously think of breathing, that power of love within you keeps you breathing, keeps your blood pumping etc.  When you start the see how incredible you are, you will start to see the same in others.

“I appreciate money daily”

Perform these one minute meds as you would if you were taking medication.  Your choice-medication or meditation.

Have some fun and Love yourself to health.

Marlena Burton

Certified Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner

618 223 6006



I am seeking to help 5 people every 10 days that desire to start consciously attracting effortless abundance.  On a scale of 0-no interest to 10-serious interest-If you are at least an 8, contact me personally at 618 223 6006.  I am working on releasing my own program and need to add to the testimonials that I have already received.  Call to see if you qualify.

One client attracted new business partners to her team overnight, and she was just about to quit.

One client is finding unexpected money in unexpected places

One client got his mindset right before paying his credit card bill and paid the balance in full





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