Moving Forward


Listen in to the recording of Changing your mind, changing your lifestyle

Moving Forward

Once you start to understand why you say you want one thing, but something else occurs, then you can keep breaking through that terror barrier, and start succeeding.

Pull out those old weeds of negativity, and start consciously planting the truth in your mind and you will start to seeing the fruit of success.

Dial in next Saturday at 11 am ET:

  • Dial-in Number:(712) 775-7031
  • Access Code:358488
  • The recording of the most recent call:  (712) 775-7029 access:  358488

Looking forward to hearing you dialing in.

God’s Abundance to you,

Marlena Burton


618 223 6006

P.S.  This is a generic call no companies or products are mentioned.  We are committed to keeping network marketing fun and simple so more people can succeed.


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