Preparing 4 Success

Listen in to the Change Your Mind, Change Your Lifestyle generic conference call.

Preparing 4 Success

What if you started your own network marketing business and you had four people that truly understood the vehicle of network marketing and helped thousands of people.

Start preparing your mind for success.

I love the lesson that Marion’s son had-he learned that “I am  lovable and capable.”

We are worthy and deserving of success.  Ask yourself, how much do I believe that I am worthy and deserving of success?

Join us next week as we discuss “With _______, I can!”

Saturday at 11 am ET, 10 am CT

Phone:  (712) 775-7031  access:  358-488#

Thank you so much,

Marlena Burton


618 223 6006

P.S. here’s one of the declarations we learned at Millionaire Mind Intensive

DECLARATION: Place your hand on your heart and say… “My money works hard for me and makes me more and more money.”





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