Choose Abundance

Choose Abundance

Listen in to Change Your Mind, Change Your Lifestyle recording:  access:  121215

The invisible, creates the visible.  You must be conscious of the power of Your thoughts,  words, feelings and actions on a subconscious level, as they create your results.

The roots truly create the fruit.  If You want to change the fruit, you must change it at the root level.  Thoughts travel at the speed of 186,000 miles per second.  Contemplate what that truly means.  Your thoughts come from within, but have a profound effect on the environment.

This is our last call of the year, we will have a new number for the calls next year.  We have had an incredible year this year.  I am so Grateful to God for all of the people that have joined my team, called me, followed my youtube videos etc.   I want to encourage You to choose more abundant thoughts, more abundant words, more abundant feelings and take inspired actions to create abundant results.

If you will take at least one small step daily to grow your business, you will be rewarded.  Consider the power of one-could you and your team invite at least one person daily, add at least one person per month that duplicates the same to have a team of 4096 by this time next year?  I know of one company that would pay $25,000 per month with using the power of one, with a $45 entry fee, I know of another company that has a $100 entry fee and if everyone duplicated, the power of one, would be paying $100,000.  You get to choose, build a networking business and  help others and put Your money to work for You, and enjoy the benefits of products that have been researched and developed to make a difference.

Merry Christmas-God’s Abundance to You & Your family.

Marlena Burton


618 223 6006



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