Change Your Mind, Change Your Lifestyle-1%


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Some people that have heard Jean Paul Getty’s quote says it has changed their lives once they really understood his message.  “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.”  Jean Paul Getty Jr.

So imagine if you used the Power of One in your networking business imagine if you only earned $1 from the 4096 people in your business a year from now, you would earn an extra 4 figures, simply from duplicating the Power of One, where everyone teaches one per month for 12 months.  You would have contributed to thousands of people’s lives in a simple way, if you have a health product, imagine 4000 people feeling better, simply because you helped one person per month, and your team duplicated that.

We came to understand at the seminar, your ego’s job is to keep you broke, struggling, and complaining.  Commit to changing your mind, and changing your lifestyle, using a simple system.

The Power of ONE
If you Added ONE NEW PERSON to your team every month, and they did the same thing, One year from now, you would get paid on the efforts of 4096 people instead of just getting paid from working yourself.

The simplest method I’ve seen to date is the “Power of One” At first it doesn’t seem to be a very powerful system, but when you take a closer look, you can see the brilliance in this method. Why give up your life working 40 hours a week, 40 years, when you can put leverage to work for you.

So here is the concept of the Power of One. Your goal is to sponsor 1 person into your business every month, and in turn, teach that person to sponsor 1 person each month. Like I said, it doesn’t seem very powerful, so let me show you the numbers.

Month 1 – You sponsor 1 person. Total People in your business: 2
Month 2 – Everyone sponsors 1. Total People in your business: 4
Month 3 – Everyone sponsors 1. Total People: 8
Month 4 – Everyone sponsors 1. Total People: 16
Month 5 – Everyone sponsors 1. Total: 32
Month 6 – Everyone sponsors 1. Total: 64

This is getting interesting now. The power of compounding is kicking in.

Month 7 – Total 128
Month 8 – Total 256
Month 9 – 512
Month 10 – 1024
Month 11 – 2048
Month 12 – 4096

As Marion mentioned, keep moving forward.  Paste your goals on your mirror think big and go for it.

Tune in next week at 11 am ET, 559 726 1200 access:  715660#  It’s a generic call, no products, companies are mentioned.

Create a fantastic week.

God’s Abundance to You,

Marlena Burton


618 223 6006 


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