Identifying Limiting Beliefs about ___________?

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Take a moment to identify 5 limiting beliefs about ____________ (your heart’s desire)

Let’s use health as an example.

Are they Harmful thoughts or Helpful thoughts?

Harmful                                                     Helpful

my family has heart disease                     I can have a healthy heart

I get sick this same time every year          I love the feeling of being well

Am I willing to release this negative thought and allow helpful thoughts more often?

Do the same thing with

Tradition                                                   Truth

We typically say we “want” ____________, but the opposite may show up, your limiting belief is what shows up most often, because that is where your strongest emotional tie really lies.  Until we identify those limiting beliefs and are ready to deal with them, we will keep manifesting the same thing over and over.

Join us for our next 90 day challenge

Focus on our thinking/speaking  for the first 30 days
Focus on on our feelings/emotions for the 2nd 30 days
Focus on inspired action for the final 30 days
Which leads to some great RESULTS in 90 days!
Of course inviting at least one each day is always the plan.
Join us next Saturday at 11 am ET:  559 726 1200 access:  715660#
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God’s Abundance to You,
Marlena Burton
618 223 6006
Google T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind for network marketers and read one page per day, the day you read will correspond with the day of the month.  If You start on the 7th of the month, start reading page 7, apply that information in Your life and business.  Join in on the call and share how this information is helping You.  The call is generic, so we don’t share any companies, compensation plans or products.  Its a safe place to gain support for Your networking biz.  We are not trainers for T. Harv Eker, simply using his materials that have changed our lives.

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