CYM, CYL Recording–Celebrate


Thank You for listening in to Change Your Mind, Change Your Lifestyle

Listen in Now access:  071115

or Phone:  559 726 1299 PIN:  715660#, Access:  071115

Changing for the better is indeed simple, it all starts with changing Your mind.  Start celebrating the little things.  Section off a piece of paper into 4 sections.  Find 5 things daily to add to Your sheet and celebrate them.  That’s what wealthy and success-minded people do.  See the examples below

Mental-Emotional                                                   Spiritual

I meditated 7 minutes                                               I read the Word of God

I freely offered compliments                                     I really believed what I read

I did my commands with belief                                 Listened to training audios

I gave back to helping the elderly                             I paid my tithes

Physical                                                                  Business/Financial

I enjoyed moving my body for 30 minutes               I invited others to get paid to feel great

I drank mineralized water to stay hydrated              I saved $27 at the store

I enjoyed the food that I ate                                     I purchased lunch for a friend

I appreciate my current state of health                    I appreciate the ability to have multiple sources

of income

I danced and sang to my favorite song                   I had fun adding money to my financial freedom acct.

Set Your event planner to dial in next week at 11am ET:  559 726 1200 access:  715660# and learn how to keep network marketing simple.  It’s a generic call, no companies or compensation plans are mentioned.

God’s Abundance to You,

Marlena Burton & Marion Rose

618 223 6006 


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