Time 2 Believe-Day 24 We Believe Consciously-Manifest Subconsciously

Who do You know that is open to being part of a transfer of health & wealth  in the next 30 days?

Let’s begin–Time 2 Believe 30 Day Challenge

Day # 24 Thought for the day:  We Believe Consciously-Manifest Subconsciously.

We say we Believe, but what do we actually manifest?

What’s the most amount of money You have ever earned in a year?  We are going to have some fun with this figure on the call.

Your results mirror Your Belief.  Let’s truly Believe (accept as true) and create some supernatural results in the next 30 days.  This is a generic call, no companies or products will be mentioned.

Join the challenge calls nightly until June 24th at 7:30 pm CT/8:30 ET

559 726 1200 access:  715660#

Bring 2 people to the call with You.

If You get understanding first, the rest will line up easily and quickly.



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