The Power of an hour-CYM, CYL recording

The Power of an hour

Listen in to the Change Your Mind, Change Your Lifestyle recording:  access 030715

Tim has 56,000 team members If every team member worked one hour in a year, Tim would be paid on 56,000 hours of team work.  Most people working a job would have to work 24 hours a day with out sleep and it would take 6 years to be paid on the same amount of hours and limited energy.

If everyone on Tim’s team worked one 8 hour day in a year (56,000×8) Tim would be paid on 448,000 hours.

So given a choice would you rather work 8 hours in a year or 51 years for 24 hours a day?

Do You see the Power of an hour?  Consider a 4-7 hour work week for You and Your team putting forth an effort to create Your reality and start creating Freedom.  Anything is possible when You believe.

Join us next Saturday at 11 am 559 726 1200 access:  715660#

Marlena Burton


618 223 6006

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