Happy-Healthy New Year

Happy New Year,

Wow, How was Your 2014?  I hope it was grand.  If Health is anywhere in Your New Year’s-New You Resolution, allow me to show You how simple getting paid to feel great can be.

Most people that I talk to say they would love to be Financially Free.  How much extra income would it take for You to be Financially Free?  If Financial Freedom is in Your New Year’s-New You Resolution, allow me to show You how simple it is to be Financially Free by this time next year.

Most people say they have been programmed for struggle when it comes to life.  If You don’t know about the Law of Reverse effort, Law of compensation, Law of Attraction etc, stick around, and check it out in a future blog.  Applying the Law of Attraction,  Law of Reverse effort, Laws of the Universe brought some magnificent things into my life in 2014.  Imagine working less and earning an extra 5 figures.  God’s Grace is amazing when You start to understand we should be programmed for God’s Goodness, Grace and giving Gratitude instead of be programmed for struggle and settling for crumbs.

I Love the fact that we always have a choice and we essentially get to choose our results and where to focus our energy.

Choose now to create a fantastic 2015.  There will be some challenges, but overall, Good things should be chasing You down.  May Your 2015 be filled to overflowing with God’s Love and Goodness.

God’s Abundance to You,

Marlena Burton


618 223 6006


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