Attracting Your Ideal Team Member


What characteristics do You feel like You would love in Your Ideal team member?

It’s simple to figure out what You do desire, by taking a look at what You don’t desire.

Grab a pen and paper and write down what You don’t want.  List as many things as You like.  Mark out the qualities that You don’t want in Your team members.  Remember You work closely with Your team members, and You also get to choose who You work with.

It should look something like this:





Orders occasionally



Now list the qualities of Your ideal team member and stay focused on those qualities and allow these team members to show up:

Positive & Open Minded



Team Player

On a mission to help others create their own economy

Focused on Abundance in every area of their lives

Monthly Product User

Loves helping and meeting people

Outgoing and fun loving

Have some fun and get really clear about the Your ideal team members.  Stay in a positive vibration and know that they have no choice but to show up when You believe You are worthy and deserving of helping them start to live their dreams.  Take note of when You start to see these qualities in others, they might just be Your ideal team member. Enjoy–Ask & Allow!

God’s Abundance to You,

Marlena Burton


618 223 6006

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