Money says “Hi” or “Goodbye?”


Quick question.  What does Money say to You most often-Hi or Goodbye?

Hopefully Your answer is Hi, unfortunately, too many people are saying Goodbye to Money each day more than they are saying Hi.  It should be a good balance, like inhaling and exhaling.  Money isn’t meant to be hoarded, it’s meant to be circulated.

It’s really pretty simple.  Change Your thinking about Money in a positive way, and Money will start being attracted to You.  Regardless of Your past programming, You can start attracting more Money to You today.

I have gone from being down to my last $5 to attracting Money to me on a regular basis, simply by changing my thinking.

I am going to do a future “Sow Money-Grow Money” video series to share how simple it is to put Money to work for You.

For now, simply START FEELING GOOD ABOUT MONEY.  That’s what Wealthy people do, they simply feel good about money.  Think about Money as a Friend.  If I was Your friend and You didn’t feel good about me being in Your presence, do You think I would stick around very long?  It’s the same with Money.

So ask Yourself:

On a scale of 0 -10 How do I feel about money.

0-Fearful of Money—————————————————————-10 Grateful & Appreciative of Money

Your Answer ____________

Complete this exercise, and comment and let me know how long it takes for the $10 to show up.

Get a one dollar bill in Your hand.  See the dollar bill in Your mind, add a zero, see $10 in Your mind.  Give Appreciation and Gratitude for receiving the $10 back.  Find someone to give the dollar bill to, see the $10 coming back to You and give Thanks & Appreciation that You KNOW beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it’s coming back to You from somewhere (You don’t have to know where it’s coming from.)  Expect it to show up.  Use Your own words, but say something like…Thank You, Thank You,Thank You God that that I have sown and the $___ is being multiplied back to me for the good of all concerned, under Grace in a perfect way.

Write down the date, how much You gave, who You gave it to, and the date that the $10 comes back to You.  Leave Your comment below as to when it shows up.

I gave an individual $1 and they literally said, oh I had $2 to give You.  I did not count that as the $10.  Within hours, a friend was giving me $10.  It works if You work it.  You can learn to Master Money.  Have fun.

Marlena Burton


618 223 6006

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