Your Target Market


We have shared already a little bit about building Your Warm market list.  Now, let’s focus on Your target market.

Who are you looking for specifically?  Bringing some focus to who You are looking for, will bring You faster results.

Make no mistake, anyone that can invite others to a birthday party, to church, to a family reunion, recommend a movie, etc can be successful, because what we do is Use a product, Recommend it to others, and Help them repeat the same.  That’s networking at it’s core.  However, there are certain people that already have a list of people, that might be able to help You connect with more people.  Teacher’s are born networker’s, they are used to leading the field, other networker’s are usually a good target market, they are used to “seeing opportunity.”  People that have already had some success in life are usually a good market, they know how much it costs to start a business, or get an education and when they see how little it costs to start a business that could potentially be a million dollar business, they can put the pieces together.  Simple look for people that are open minded to taking a look, occupations don’t matter here, it’s people that are open minded, that are great candidates.  Share with everyone, but know where to spend Your time.

You may contact people that You already know, but consider what kind of mindset they have.  Over 70% of the population want to be their own boss, however, what have they done to move forward to make that happen?

Networking can be so much fun, if You Keep it Super Simple.

My Target Market _____________________________________________________________

Places to find my Target Market  _________________________________________________

People that might be able to give me referrals  ______________________________________

Today I took a step of faith and contacted my target market  _____ Yes     _____  No

Ask Yourself at the end of the day, how many people did I offer to help?

God’s Abundance to You,

Marlena Burton

Lifestyle Trainer

618 223 6006


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