Your $10,000 List

If You are new to working from home or network marketing.  You were probably told to use Your company memory jogger and start making a list of Your friends and family.

Your friends and Your family are what’s known as Your immediate money list, because they know like and trust You.  People typically do business with people that they know like and trust.  You might also have access to a lead capture page that will also help build Your list.

If You are making a list of Your friends, family, co-workers etc, the best thing to do is to not judge them.  We truly never know who is ready to make a change in their lives, plus if You ask for referrals, most people know someone that could use an extra income or might be in the market for Your product.

Network Marketing at it’s core is very simple and a lot of fun.  On our conference call Change Your Mind, Change Your Lifestyle conference call we show people how to keep it fun, and keep it simple.

Consider who You might know that might be open to improving the quality of their lives with a simple work from home business, please forward this blog to them, or have them give me a call.

Marlena Burton

618 223 6006

7 hour work week





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